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Ethics codex of journal

  • The editing team in collaboration with the board of editors pass decisions about the publishing of each article.
  • The editors reserve the right to make editing amendments and language corrections after having consulted them with the authors.
  • The author is liable for legal issues related to the use of appendices (such as photographs).
  • The editorial deadlines can be found on the web site of the journal and the authors are expected to observe them.
  • An article delivered after the deadline can be accepted exclusively upon agreement with the editors.
  • The editors reserve the right of making minor corrective amendments to the text or returning the same to the author for being reworked.
  • The author is liable for the correctness of the contents.
  • After the receipt of a contribution the editors will assess whether the submitted contribution meets all formal requirements, such as appropriate verbal style, comments and notes, structure etc. If all these appurtenances are fulfilled, the text will be sent to the reviewers (in case of contributions to be reviewed); all suggested articles will be subjected both to a language oriented check and a professional survey.
  • If the formal requirements are not observed, the author will be notified and asked to adapt his contribution. If he fails doing so, the editors will be entitled to put off the publication of the given article to the next issue, or even to discard the same.