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Information and conferences

Tezaurus – prostriedok k zjednoteniu odbornej terminológie v oblasti celulózo-papierenského priemyslu a súčasne aj nadstavba existujúceho komplexného informačného systému

Summary: Thesaurus is generally regarded as the extension of the existing information system in a specific field of science. Pulp and paper industry in the Slovak and Czech Republic in this region has a long tr...

Public lending right in selected countries

Summary: This paper focuses on comparison of public lending right as it is implemented in various countries. Thirty countries including the Czech Republic are included in the comparison. First of all, individua...

Current concept of Information Science: theoretical foundations and aplication domains

Summary: Paper is devoted to the current concept of information science. From a methodological point of view four conditions required for recognition of the comprehensive set of knowledge as the discipline of s...